Ever heard of a situationship? Most people haven’t but I can assure you that a LOT of people have been involved in one by accident. According to urban dictionary, a situationship is “any problematic relationship characterized by one or more interpersonalized conflicts. usually confused with dating”. Basically, a situationship is when someone catches feelings in a “friendship” or a “friends with benefits” type relationship. As I once said before, this isn’t going to end good at all. It seems like more and more people are starting to get into “situationships” instead of actual relationships. Arguments are becoming phonecalls, conversations are becoming texts messages, and it seems like guys are becoming more afraid to admit that they love their girls. I just don’t understand.

Basically, a situationship is saying “Hey! Let’s chill, eat, watch movies, have sex, but not have a relationship, that’ll be cool right?” Of course no female is going to deny that because she has hope..that’s just how girls are, I don’t get it, but its true.

It’s starting to seem as if relationships have been put on the back burner and now people are just having intercourse with each other and catching feelings for one another and not having relationships anymore, this is where situationships form. In my opinion, girls really don’t want situationships, they want real relationships. They just put up with this “situationship” for the simple fact that one day he might present the option of a real relationship. I dont know.

Anyways, I dont think situationships are going to end anytime soon because of this generations outlook on relationships. No one wants to be “tied down” in a relationship these days so they will continue to just catch feelings and things will continue to get awkward and friendships will continue to end because now someone has feelings for the other. It’s inevitable.


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